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Thursday, 13 January 2011

Exploito psych #3 The Projection Company - Give Me Some Lovin'

 So what do we have here?

What a moody cover. I'm glad I never saw her what I was tripping!!!!

But its still kinda cool - don't you think?

And it sounds just like that Animated Egg record. Is that because some of the tracks are from the Id sessions?

No, its because ALL of the tracks are Jerry Cole Id/ Animated Egg songs. Some of them you know from the earlier records. But Kimeaa is a true stoned cold freaked out classic. Unless of course you've heard any 60s psych in which case it sounds like just what it is - a pastiche of psychedelic sounds.

But that's ok with me because I love the fake sounds.

The instrumental verion of Boil the Kettle Mother is the highlight - shorn of all the cod-Freudian babble its a fuzz monster of a track.

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