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Thursday, 24 May 2012

Jerry Cole - Super Charged Knock Offs

Jerry Cole was a go-to guy in the LA session world. Not only that he had a sideline (lucrative I hope) in exploito records, usually, but not exclusively with Crown Records.
Hot Rods, Surf, Bikes and even Drag Boats - he provided soundtracks to them all under a number of pseudonyms.

Here are some.

The Hot Rodders - Big Hot Rod

Jerry Kole and the Stokers - Hot Rod Alley (not a very good attempt at hiding his identity)

The Deuce Coupes - The Shut Downs

The Winners - Checkered Flag
The Blasters - Sounds of the Drags (notice that all of the images have been used for other records!)

The Kickstands - Black Books and Bikes

The Scramblers - Cycle Psycho

The Hornets - Motorcycles USA

The Hornets - Big Drag Boats USA (this boat apparently was trying to break the water speed record)

Mike Adams and the Red Jackets - Surfers Beat
Jerry of course, had his own band Jerry Cole and the Spacemen as well as playing in a lot of the Gary Usher studio bands, such as the Super Stocks and The Risers.

Any more that I've missed off?


  1. Fantastic sight. Found via a search for The Stone Canyon Rock Group, which let to an incredible amount of amazing records that I just have to track down . Jerry Cole what a genius. Thanks for the insight. Trifid


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