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Monday, 28 February 2011

Exploito # 6 - The Haircuts and the Impossibles - Call It Soul!

Recognise those happy frugging girls? Its the same cover shot as the Mustang Freakout but with the Mustang cropped out. They're still having a far out time though.
Kicking off with a cover of the Beatles Why Don't We Do in in the Road (uncredited of course) the Haircuts, or is it the Impossibles get off to a good start.
I would guess that this was Miller and Sherman's attempt to tap into the Beatles market. After all, what did people know about the Beatles? They had funny haircuts!!!!
The guitar playing on the second song Bun Buster sounds familiar - could it be Jerry Cole?
And then we get to Sock It My Way, which thankfully is the Animated Egg. Its such a good song - slightly weird and freaked out, slightly slow and menacing, the shimmering guitar refrain is pure class and the tightly coiled, aching lead seems to be imitating an evil snake and it coils and darts at us. Brrrrrr!
Wilson Otis and Aretha however, is Paul Griffin which is the same song as Joshua Got Busted on the Mustang Freakout record. It sounds too much like 'I'd Rather Be A Hammer than a Nail' to me.
Billy Blues is a fun sax led thing. Its taken from yet another exploit record, Guitars a Go Go, which was yet again done by Cole but before psychedelic music became popular. I'm sure that I'll get round to Cole's pre-Animated Egg/Id output.
Over on the B Side Cherry Pie is not another Beatles cover, unfortunately but a very lame slow organ dance thing with some truly awful singing.
Down the Road Apiece is another weak song but I'm fairly sure its Cole in an earlier guise.
Luckily its followed by more Animated Egg - Inside Looking Out. This version though seems to have been recorded in a well. Its full of very odd sounding and strange echo. Perhaps Miller and Sherman had their engineers play around with it. Or more likely it was just another take on the song - why spend money on anything.
Next comes more Paul Griffin on Frankie and Johnny which was one of his 'hits' of 1968 - or indeed on his Dance to Swinging Organ LP from 1964.
And finally yet more Animated Egg on Down Down and Gone. Perhaps not the best Animated Egg track but still a fuzzy piece of danceable fun.
Its time to say goodbye to Paul Griffin aka the Mustang. But don't worry exploito psych lovers - next time we're going to get into T Swift and the Electric Bag.


  1. Jerry Cole was the Guitarist on Paul Griffin's "The Mustang: Dance to the Swing Organ" LP, so it's likely he is the guitarist on some of these tracks as well since it comes from the same studio.


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