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Thursday, 24 February 2011

Exploito # 5 - Part 2 - Even MORE examples of exploito versions of the 'Now Generation'

So, just when I thought I had shown you everything I had about Donnie Burks, Little Joe Curtis and Paul Griffin, I find that, lurking at the back of my record collection there's more.
But not only that, some very kind people have either pointed me towards cheap acquisitions or even given me records (thanks Daniel in Oz and Steve in London)

So, without further ado here's Donnie Burks' solo album

I hope that it's really him on the cover as he looks like a nice bloke. But I have to wonder - why put him in front of wooden boards?

Anyway, released on Europa, Miller's German operation which, as well as inflicting a world of pain through oompah music and beer drinking songs, managed to sneak out a few good records, Burks', record is really pretty good.

You'll find CC Rider from the Now Generation record here and its just as good. The other tracks are also fun but the standout - as one of the owners of this record clearly knew, which was why he put a sticker with the name of the track on the sleeve, is Funky Funky Woman. No doubt its the kind of thing that people would have danced to on Northern Soul nights - but then again they danced to a lot of stuff.

I have to wonder why this record only got a 1969 release in Germany and not the US. Maybe DL Miller knew something about the US market. Anyway, as usual with him, over half the tracks are credited to him. However, Burks does get a few credits. I hope he got some money.

Next we have some more Paul Griffin aka The Mustang, this time from 1964.

This time, its pretty good. I might even be persuaded that Jerry Cole is the man on guitar.

The sleeve notes try and draw a connection between The Mustang and jazz organ greats like Jimmy Smith but only a cloth eared poltroon would make the link.

This is good time stuff in an old time rock and roll vein with some hoking sax and fuzzy guitar. I prefer it to Organ Freakout. For some reason I can only find one of these tracks on another record - but I'm sure that's just me. We'll get to that other record in a moment. Paul/ Mustang also produce a Beatles cover record. If life takes me past one I'll let you all know.

We've already come across Oscar Records before with their repackaging of The Now Generation. This time round they get to have a go at the Otis Redding, Little Joe Curtis record. Notice that poor Little Joe still gets the tiniest typeface.

Haven't we seen this happy woman before? Of course, we have. Never let it be said Oscar Records had an ounce of originality. This is a close up of the woman on the Soul Sauce cover shot. Gotta love it.

 And so, of course, is this! This is an Australia record on the Astor label, another Miller nom de plume.

No funky stuff here I'm afraid, unless you think that the 101 String doing string leaden covers of soul songs is funky. They make a reasonable fist of some of them but to be honest no one would buy this record for the music alone. Would they?

But there is something so wonderfully exploito about the reuse of the cover, albeit in reverse, for the 101 Strings that it tickles me.

Finally we get back to some Animated Egg. The Young Sound '68 even has the sub-title - Out of Sight Hits for the Now People.

From the Animated Egg we get Sure Listic and I Said, She Said, Ah Sid - prime stuff

From the Mustang we get Frankie and Johnny from Swingin' Organ. What a hit from 1968!

From Little Joe Curtis we get Your Mini Skirt. I think I'm beginning to really like Little Joe.

And finally Donnie Burks gets in on the act with CC (Or See See) Rider.

You also get some 101 Sting pop cover action if that's your bag.

Have a long look at those rather mop-top looking guys on the cover. You'll be seeing them again too.

Although I like this record you have to remember that this is supposed to represent music in 1968. It goes without saying that anyone into popular music wouldn't have been seen dead listening to such out of date stuff. However, notice the 'Special Sale' sticker on the sleeve. This record was being sold for 77 cents. This was what these types of records were all about. Cheap records for supermarkets. Just think how low the production costs had to be to make any money from a 77c record!

For our next excursion into this amazing world we get back on the trail of Jerry Cole and the Animated Egg with the slightly ludicrously named Haircuts and the Impossibles - tune in


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